Functional Living Skills

Our special needs students do not sit for government school examinations (unless he/she is potentially able to) as our focused goals for them is employment, adult living and social inclusion, and therefore, at the core of our comprehensive training programmes is the Functional Living Skills (FLS) curriculum guide.

The Functional Living Skills (FLS) Programme designed for children with developmental delays age from 4 to 15 years old. It is a centre-based programme where children attend in small groups of 6-12 children everyday.

We cover the following main training areas and is applicable to every one of our students:

  • Learning Readiness – attention, focus & compliance
  • Communication – comprehension, non-verbal & verbal
  • Personal & Social Development – self-knowledge & appropriate social interaction
  • Gross & Fine Motor Skills – for practical use in work, leisure, writing, and so on
  • Functional Academics – writing, reading & math skills for daily practical use
  • Activities of Daily Living – self-care & home management skills
  • Leisure Skills – story time, singing time, art & craft, games

Video: A motor planning activity


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