mission & goals

Seri Mengasih Centre’s primary mission is to enable and empower our students towards a life of hope and dignity within the community.

In other words, we train them to become contributing, productive, well behaved and law abiding members of our community.  This in turn will also lead to them having more fulfilled and meaningful lives. In addition, society will not regard them as burdensome, and aging parents will have peace of mind knowing their adult children will be able to care for themselves eventually.

We also continue to seek through any means available, to increase the awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the community at large towards persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This will inevitably mean an increase in employment and living opportunities for them within the community.


Seri Mengasih Centre

Seri Mengasih Centre is a charity non-governmental organisation known as the Registered Trustees of Seri Mengasih Trust.