Seri Mengasih Centre reached its 40th anniversary of establishment in January 2021.

We look back with a sense of pride and fulfilment at how much had been done, and how many people had been helped; yet looking ahead, we humbly acknowledge that there is still so much more that have yet to be done.

It is an unending task and responsibility towards those with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Sabah which Seri Mengasih Centre must continue to carry.   

Its goals remain the same for the students; and the students’ dreams remain the same, which is, to be able to live productive and meaningful lives within the community.

These words of Seri Mengasih’s founding Chairman of the Board of Management, the late Datuk Haji Mohd Safari Manan, have been the guiding philosophy of Seri Mengasih Centre since the beginning, and also now, and always.

Where there is LOVE, there is hope
Where there is HOPE, there is integrity
Where there is INTEGRITY, there is dignity
Where there is DIGNITY, there is caring and sharing

Student Achievements

Marriage and Family

Caroline, a student in the class of 1981, has proven that anyone can live a productive and fulfilled life in spite of any challenges. She is now a mother of 3 children and is employed as a staff of Seri Mengasih, working as an office assistant.

Scaling Mount Kinabalu

Several of our young adults had joined the group of climbers for the heighting of the mountain in 1997.

Travelling Abroad

Our students were invited to attend the United Nations ICT Forum in Geneva in 2007.

The 2nd National Self Advocacy Conference 2007

Organized by the “Kangaroo Club” of Seri Mengasih, a club set up by our young adults for the purpose of friendship and self-advocacy.

This is Andrew, a graduate of Seri Mengasih Centre speaking on behalf of his friends with special needs during the Conference; expressing what is their hope –  that is, meaningful and fulfilling lives .

Being Part of the Workforce

Pioneering Work in Sabah

Seri Mengasih Centre is a pioneer in more ways than one. Besides being the first school of its kind in Sabah, it had established several other “firsts” in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the state, notably:

  • Early Intervention Programme (EIP) – for babies from birth; in the late 1980s. Later, it was released to CBR Kota Kinabalu to run the programme.
  • Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) KK – in 1995, the State Welfare Department had requested for our help to start one of its first CBR or PDK (Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti) centres within our premises until it could be fully independent of us. It now operates successfully in its own place.
  • Toy Library – in the early 1990s; in order for parents to borrow home learning equipment for their young children. This was also handed over to CBR KK to manage it.
  • Preschool Unit – set up in the early 1990s; for children of kindergarten age. It later paved the way for mainstream inclusion of these children into other kindergartens.
  • Special Olympics (SO) – a sports programme started in the USA, for the wholesome development and achievement of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. SO Sabah was later established, and became independent of Seri Mengasih Centre

A former student and Special Olympics gold medallist, Jason, awarded the BSK by TYT Sabah

Other Achievements

  • Christchurch College Of Education (New Zealand) Certificate in Community Services – in 1996, Seri Mengasih had facilitated this course conducted by the college’s lecturers for Sabahan special education teachers, and the graduation ceremony was in 1998
  • International Conference on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (ICIDD) was conducted in collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Sabah in 2011. Speakers and participants came from around the globe
  • Recognition by Suhakam with an Award for Community Services in 2013
  • International and Local Collaborations
  • Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) – signed an MOU for collaboration in the field of special education, and including its students’ practical attachment at Seri Mengasih Centre
  • Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada – this university had selected Seri Mengasih as a foreign special education school for its final year students’ practical attachment. This had been a very enriching experience for both parties during that period.
  • The Kololo Developmental Treatment Education Centre, Tokyo, Japan
  • Chikushi Jogakuen University, Fukuoka, Japan


Seri Mengasih Centre

Seri Mengasih Centre is a charity non-governmental organisation known as the Registered Trustees of Seri Mengasih Trust.